Framaroot App Alternatives For Android OS

Framaroot Alternatives: Framaroot is a one-click rooting application for the Android devices that was designed by the XDA. It is one of the best rOoting software for Android Smartphone and Tablets that won’t require PC to be connected. Rooting with this software will make use of only a mobile phone and no extra devices are required to be connected. But the only thing about the Framaroot is it is applicable for specified devices only. That mean other Android devices which can’t install Framaroot App need to root their devices using any other root application. GBA4IOS For IOS

Framaroot App Alternatives For Android OS

Framaroot has many exploits and also the SuperSU and User binary files that will be installed directly in your Android device. But unfortunately, this app can’t be installed on a few Android devices so we will be going through some best alternatives of the Framaroot app.

Alternatives For Framaroot App:

Here we will be giving the description for a few alternatives for Framaroot Rooting app that can be used in place of this app.

Vroot Software:

This is one of the best alternatives for the Framaroot rooting application that can be used to root your Android devices. It has deep support for an older version and judging from a wide range of coverage. It has got different Apk files for a different version of Android OS.

Download APK File

Kingoapp Root Software:

It is the same in performance and effective as the Vroot App. It is one of the big software for rooting and unroot of the Android devices. I say this as the best rooting app after Vroot in series of Framaroot rooting application.

Download APK File

SRS Root Software:

SRS Root Software is one of the best rooting apps that I have ever used in my Android devices. It is best in use and I suggest you install this app to root. This app has got many positive reviews from the user and also the rooting testers. So have this root app to root Android smartphone, tablet. GBA For IOS.

Download APK File


The best part of this Rooting app is that you can root your Android devices by using the desktop or without using them. Kingroot has its two versions that flexible get install on the Android device or Computer and root the device as desired. Few users mostly prefer to root using the computer, so for such users, this is the best app.

Download APK File

360Root Software:

This is also a good rooting app which can be found for free in the store. But I don’t prefer it more as it won’t perform the task that acquertly. If you don’t have above given app likes Vroot to Kingoapp then you can choose this 360Root Software. Always select this app when you don’t have a further option to root.

Download APK File

Towelroot Apk:

Towelroot Apk is also a very good rooting app which can be used as a framaroot alternative. This app can root your device without using any desktop to the computer. So if you don’t want any external device interference then choose Towelroot Apk to root your Android device. GBA4IOS For IOS 9.2

Download APK File

Choose any best alternative from the above given rooting app and root your device successfully. You can now find different alternatives for the Framaroot app.

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